Garden Route Biomimicry Camp


Located just outside Plettenberg Bay, the Biomimicry Camp nestles in the heart of the Bitou Valley situated in the Cape Floristic Kingdom - the smallest, yet most diverse of the world’s six floral kingdoms, a World Heritage Site and a biodiversity hotspot.  Home to no less than five Blue Flag beaches, the Camp is in very close proximity to several Marine Protected Areas and the breathtakingly beautiful deep Knysna forest.

This is a mobile pop up camp & only open during certain months of the year


  • Fat Bikes: we have eight fat bikes in varying sizes for various age groups
  • Kayaks: We have three moored on our own jetty in the river which is also safe for swimming
  • SUPS (Stand up paddle boards): we have three for unlimited use while with us
  • Bird Hide: situated on the floodplain within walking distance of the camp and is perfect for sundowners and photography
  • Guided hiking: through the surrounding forests and adjacent coastline is easily arranged

The woody vegetation on the banks of the river surrounding the camp provides a unique habitat for birdlife that includes Fish Eagles, Kingfishers, Blue Cranes, Greater and Lesser Flamingoes, Plovers, Herons and marine birds to mention a few.  This is a place where paddling in the river is for everyone, not just the ducks, and our guided bird excursions on foot and in our canoes are an unforgettable experience. Our beds come complete with comfy mattresses and cotton bedlinen. Our tents designed organically to blend into and reflect the forest canopy while perching on mobile decks to minimize damage to the floor of the surrounding bush. Each location carefully selected to ensure privacy and maximize on the spectacular beauty of the area.


Falling asleep with the sound of snuffling bushbuck and croaking frogs, waking to the call of nearby nesting Fish Eagles and knowing you’ve not only visited lightly but have contributed positively to the surrounding landscape, the Biomimicry Bush Camp offers a truly special and unique experience, one that will live on in your memory.