Are you considering or planning a trip?  Before you jump behind the wheel, we would like to provide a bit more background information.

(If only to stir the anticipation of going!)

With over twenty years guided self drive experience in Southern Africa, our Airport to Airport Adventures provide a fully curated service from the moment you choose your destination on one of our adventures.  All tours are fully guided self drive adventures. Collaborating with specialist Guides whose experience and knowlege in these areas has informed each route and destination, our adventures are unforgettable journey's from the moment of arrival. 

We provide fully equipped 4WD Campers with great height that ensure the best game viewing.  The vehicles are comfortable and spacious enough with user friendly and easy set up to provide a great overland experience so that your roof tent for the duration of the safari, is a snug and secure (and mobile) home away from home.  

* Fuel is not included in the cost of the tour.

Travelling in a group is always safer than travelling on your own. All our tours are conducted while travelling in convoy leaving you to enjoy the privacy of your own vehicle.  Group communication is managed by the Tour Leader via two way radios installed in each vehicle to ensure safety and support while on the road.  This also means that throughout the journey, your Tour Leader is able to share his knowledge and provide a deeper connection to your African experience.

All our tours are fully catered from our mobile bush kitchen and traditional meals (braaivleis, freshly baked pot bread, milk tart etc) are enjoyed around the campfire and under the stars while lunches are usually "on the hop" and while in transit.  Vegetarian meal alternatives are available even in the middle of nowhere!