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For the past 20 years we have been leading guided self drive adventures through the remoter areas of Southern Africa, under founding company Bhejane Adventures.  These explorations have taken us to some of the most beautiful places on our planet.  Bactrac Adventures is a human-centric collaboration with our team of Guides who have led these explorations.  This is our flagship company whose driving force is the protection and conservation of our planet's most vulnerable destinations.  We belive that by providing life-changing and transformative experiences for those visiting and living in these spaces, travel and tourism can ultimately protect our planets natural riches and our own natural heritage.


Brainchild of three passionate adventurers: Frank Carlisle, former Wilderness Trails Guide in Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Game Reserve in KZN Province of South Africa, John van den Berg whose background in the field of Chiropractics and ultimately guiding & management in some of Africa's most exclusive and remote lodges & reserves, and Sanana Seforo whose role in the company metamorphasized from the bottom up to partnership through sheer and undiluted passion of the African bush 


Having been involved with Black Rhino conservation (anti-poaching, lion research, wildlife and veld management) in the Hluhluwe iMfolozi Park - Frank spent the better part of twenty years guiding, developing and evolving a 4X4 guided self-drive business in Southern Africa while forging partnerships and freindships amongst a network of like-minded individuals in the industry - and this is how John and Frank ultimately began their working relationship.


Having returned home for a backpacking holiday in East Africa - John had found his heartbeat. An experience that profoundly changed his life, resetting his dial to follow a life of guiding, training and managment in some of Africa’s most remote and exclusive wildlife Reserves and Lodges. Fuelled by a love of all things African, his new direction provided access to our continent he had never seen before and the opportunity to share this passion with guests from all over the world.

Enter Sanana Seforo who joined the tourism business in early 2006. The son of a cattle rancher, Sanana's early childhood was spent in the African bush, visiting the family cattle post with his father.  Barely able to see over the dashboard of their Nissan bakkie as he bounced around on the seat travelling the hot & dusty roads, Sanana knew from the age of 15 years that travelling through Africa was his destiny.


Working first as a crew hand - pitching tents, loading vehicles and working as a chef’s assistant, Sanana has cooked more meals than most mothers and is a partner in the company he joined all those years ago.  As Head of Logistics - Sanana manages the crews, oversees the menu's and purchasing and manages all cross border liaison.  He has traversed more dusty roads than he could ever have thought possible and his knowledge of these remote and desolate landscapes is legendary.


Together the camaraderie and respect for one another has turned great working relationships into a thriving business partnership, and the rest is history.  Three passionate adventurers committed to protecting the places you love!



Our driving force is the protection and conservation of our planet's most vulnerable destinations.

Through travel and tourism we support conservation, the communities living in these wild areas

and the long-term future of these spaces


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It may be an over simplification to say the travel industry embodies two types of companies; those that adjust to changing conditions and those who create changing conditions - this holds true with Bactrac where collaboration is key in everything we do.   

Partnering with our Tour Leaders and Guides in the development of formidable tour experiences and exceptional adventures has resulted in an innovative ecosystem of expertise, fresh perspective and diversity. 

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Climate change can be overwhelming and when it comes to future impacts there are still a lot of unknowns. While real solutions will require action on a global scale, Bactrac operates in such a way that the environment we enjoy sharing with you, is still protected. 

In order that we preserve the wild places that inspire us, we have to take care to minimize our harmful impacts and protect the fragile ecosystems we visit. By stimulating awareness and optimizing sustainable business practises that minimize this impact, we aim to protect our planet's most treasured and vulnerable natural assets.

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The natural places, animals, and plants that we discover during our travels are important to the local people who live in the places we visit. Indigenous communities tend to have an especially intimate relationship with the natural world as they rely heavily on the land and its resources for their traditional ways of life. 

As travelers, we must take care to protect local lands and ecosystems that we visit. Because while these places are destinations to us, others call them home.

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Investing in people gets the best of the individual. Covid-19 has reinforced the value that everyone brings and acknowledges that everyone is valued.  Collaborations down our value chain encourage originality and stimulate creativity bringing a quality of authenticity to our adventures.


We are truly listening and are open to what you are saying - including what is unexpected!



Rhino conservation in the Hluhluwe iMfolozi Park has always resonated with our team given the history we share with this area.  The support of Black Rhino (“BHEJANE”) conservation throughout Southern Africa has always been paramount and we have made the protection of the iMfolozi rhino's and the tireless guardians of these animals: the ranger teams and the veterinarians on the ground who caretake these formidable animals, the benficiaries of our charitable trust - Rex the Rhino Conservation Fund.  

The Rex the Rhino Conservation Fund raises funds for Rhino Conservation in iMfolozi Game Reserve through an enterprise development project in Green Valley, a local community based outside Plett. The Project creates hand made soft toys made from traditional sheweshwe fabric which are then retailed in local shops, at the camps and lodges we frequent and of course are always available for sale on tour. 

Fundraising for Rex is an ongoing project and with the support of our invaluable client base we are, even now as we step into the unknown of 2021, able to provide uniforms, accommodation, salaries, food, shoes and nourishment for these brave men and women.

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