Practise the Art of Adventure

Are you considering or planning a trip? 

Before you jump behind the wheel, we would like to provide a bit more background information — if only to stir the anticipation of going!

With over twenty years of guided self-drive experience in Southern Africa, our Airport to Airport Adventures provide a fully curated service from the moment you choose your destination on one of our adventures.  All tours are fully guided self-drive adventures. Collaborating with specialist Guides whose experience and knowledge in these areas has informed each route and destination, our adventures are unforgettable journey's from the moment of arrival. 

Our Tribe

Our Tribe

Bringing you the Africa we love!


Bactrac is more than just a travel company and tour operator, we are a team of people passionate about sharing their Africa, with you. With well over twenty years of experience in guided self-drive adventures -  our directors, guides, chefs, crews and admin staff - are all personally involved in going the extra mile, to bring you an experience that is authentic if not, life-changing and transformative.

Heart & Soul

Heart & Soul

Protect, Conserve, Educate


Exploring Central and Southern Africa has exposed us to some of our planet’s most stunning destinations.  It has connected us with cultures and communities very different from our own. Protection and conservation of these precious landscapes are therefore at the heart of what we do. We believe that by sharing our experiences with our guests and with those communities who live in these areas, travel and tourism can ultimately protect our planets natural riches and our own natural heritage.

Follow Adventure

Follow Adventure

It's not just about the destination...


Our small-group adventure tours ensure an authentic fully guided self-drive experience, Airport to Airport and we go to great lengths to ensure your adventure is that much more awesome by integrating a host of activities into each itinerary.  If you have a craving for a Mokorro ride through Moremi, an aerial view of the Okavango Delta or the adrenalin rush of sand-boarding in Namibia - all experiences offered have been incorporated into each itinerary to help you make the most of your travel. 

Facilitating transformative experiences that are truly rare


Bactrac Adventures is committed to providing their clients with both flexibility and security during COVID 19.  To this end, we have amended our terms and conditions and these will remain in place until such time that the circumstances surrounding Lockdown and the associated COVID-19 pandemic, have been lifted - at which time Bactrac's standard terms and conditions will apply.



Deferred travel and a continuance of 2020 rates for the 2021 Touring Calendar for both existing and new reservations up to and including 31 December 2021;

Should the future booking be for travel in a different season, or availability means that the tour cost has increased, or if the client has elected to travel on a different tour entirely - then the client will be liable for the difference in costs associated with the new trip;

Notification of intent to postpone or cancel should be sent to Bactrac in writing a minimum 21 days prior to the start of the tour;

Where notification is received between 14 days and date of arrival where (a) No change or cancellation for inbound or outbound air travel restrictions has been affected and / or (b) The client is not tested positive for Covid-19 or is in quarantine for those 14 days - then Bactrac Adventures reserves the right to recover any costs it incurred in preparation for the clients participation on the tour



  • The government in the guest’s country of residence restricts all but essential travel;
  • The destinations the guest is travelling to are under official government sanctioned lock-down that prohibits guests from traveling;
  • The destinations have no formal lock-down but have closed their border either to international travellers or to travellers from the guest’s country of residence;
  • International flights are cancelled with no alternative routing available for guest to use to reach the destinations in the itinerary;
  • The guest has contracted COVID-19 and is under treatment or is in quarantine for COVID-19 within 72 hours of travel.
  • Any reason for cancellation not listed or may be construed as disinclination to travel, the Bactrac Standard Terms and Conditions will apply


If some but not all of the destinations within the tour description are impacted, clients will be offered (i) a re-route option which may affect the original tour description or if not acceptable to the client then (ii) the deposit will be held as a travel credit and rolled forward to a later tour or another tour.  



In order to accommodate this recognised Global Force Majeure event and the resulting varying worldwide travel restrictions, we have provided guests with the option to defer their travel and postpone up to a year after the original travel date and carry forward 100% of the booking’s value to the future booking.  We believe this is preferable to outright cancellation

Electing to cancel a booking based on the current level of uncertainty is understandable but our advice to guests is not to do so. Our suppliers across Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique may elect to impose either normal terms and conditions or costs incurred prior to the onset of the force majeure event. This may result in any deposits or monies paid being unrecoverable. At this time deferral remains the best outcome to ensure monies paid are retained for future use.

For any enquiries or uncertainties, please contact our booking office: